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خنده زن!


این مجموعه حاوی اشعاری است که من برای همسرم « لیلا » و دخترانم « گلناز » و « طناز » سروده ام!

  • خنده زن! [JPG]  [PDF]

    As far as I can remember, Babam read this poem to me twice. The first time was a few weeks before my seventh birthday. It was in the early afternoon and as usual Babam was resting on a daybed in his study. Lilam was there too, sitting at Babam's desk drinking tea. Babam called me, asked me to sit beside him, and then he read this poem to me. The second time was two days before his passing! How greatful I am that I got to see him and hear him read this again, so very proud of his work. -gol

  • آرزو [PDF]
  • آزادی [PDF]
  • تنهائی [PDF]
  • جوانی [PDF]
  • حدیث نفس [PDF]  [Photograph]
  • بوسه [PDF]
  • دو کبوتر [PDF]
  • بهانه [PDF]
  • ارمغان [PDF]
  • قطره [PDF]
  • دانه های شبنم [PDF]
  • افسون گردون [PDF]
  • لیلای من [JPG]  [PDF]
  • گله [PDF]
  • ناز و گل [JPG]  [PDF]
  • مهر مادر [PDF]
  • سپاه غم [JPG]  [PDF]
  • دو گوهر [PDF]
  • کهکشان [PDF]
  • گل و غنچه [PDF]
  • با من بمان [PDF]
  • گوش باش [PDF]
  • برزخ [PDF]
  • دژخیم پیر [PDF]
  • آینه [PDF]
  • سنگ صبور [PDF]
  • دو دلی [PDF]
  • دختران من [PDF]
  • یار همسفر [PDF]
  • برای همسرم « لیلی » [JPG]  [PDF]

    This poem was written in the weekend preceding Reza's scheduled quadruple bypass surgery. -lila

  • بتِ عیّار! [PDF]

    Once upon a time in a father-daughter moment, I gave Babam a card with a painting of Renoir's country dance. Inside I wrote the lyrics of the song: "life is a dance... you learn as you go... sometimes you lead... sometimes you follow." I read this poem for the first time in June 2008. -naz

  • کجا برم؟ [JPG]  [PDF]
  • مادر [JPG]  [PDF]  [Photograph]
  • لیلا ستی! [JPG]  [PDF]
  • حجابِ ملاحت! [PDF]
  • مجلس خامان! [PDF]
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